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"My little girl was 14months when we started and she loves it, she gets a hand on experience and has tried lots of new foods. The balance of learning and fun time is perfect! The themed holiday specials are great too! 5 Stars" Jen (Thea's Mummy)

Go Bake provides a wealth of unique cookery experiences for children that encompass 3 core values; educate, explore, enjoy.  Educate (by looking at different foods, where they come from, learning new skills and building solid foundations in maths and literacy) Explore (tasting new foods, learning about different cultures) and Enjoy (having fun through a variety of mediums).


Through weekly classes, themed parties, holiday workshops, fun online tutorials & festivals we are here to share our passion for food with you!  With our unique #spoonsnotscales measuring method we make sure that baking is accessible to everyone!  


Cooking is a sensory experience which uses all of the senses; you can look at it, taste it, touch it, smell it and listen to it.  Alongside learning key life skills, these cookery experiences are a great way to ensure your child has all the knowledge to live a healthy and happy life.


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