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Say Hi to Kelly! She's our head chef and is here to tell you more about Go Bake's history

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"My Mission is to get every child baking, and you know what, I think I'm on the right track!"
Kelly - Founder

Hi, I’m Kelly and I have a passion for getting every child baking!  For many years I have been having the most wonderful journey starting up Go Bake and teaching children from as young as one how to bake at my classes, holiday specials, parties, festival workshops and on my regular guest slots on Notts TV.

Through these experiences, I have learnt what children, parents, carers and grandparents want from a cookery experience; what they like to bake (things that they remember first learning to bake!); how they want them to be available to children with specific diets (no eggs, no dairy, no gluten – no problem!) and - most of all - how easy they like it to be, generally so that they can focus on having the most fun with the kids (#spoonsnotscales – need I say more)!

Here at Go Bake we live by my motto of the 3 E’s: Educate, Explore, Enjoy food!

As you can probably see from looking at this website, these core values underpin everything we do at Go Bake.  It won’t come as a shock to you that I have spent most of my life working in education and childcare settings, with an emphasis on working with children with additional needs and disabilities.  With this background comes a mindset that everything should be inclusive, but we all know this isn’t always the case even in today’s modern society.  Well, I won’t stand for that and that’s why every cookery experience that you have at Go Bake has your unique child at the centre!

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All of our products are dairy free (just substitute in your dairy replacement), 5 are egg free (just substitute with our quick fix on the website) and 3 are gluten-free and all our local work strives to ensure all diets are catered for.

Everything uses the #spoonsnotscales method which removes one of the biggest barriers to baking – scales!  So everything you bake might not turn out like a fancy prize pastry but I can guarantee it tastes just as delicious and the fun you will have had making it will create a memory that lasts a lifetime!

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A brief history lesson

To quote Kelly's youngest daughter (Lissie, aged 7) “If you can dream it, do it!” so why not jump on board and enjoy the journey with us!

Go Bake Lissie

Starting the business back in 2012 with two young children and a country that was in a recession, most people thought I was crazy, especially as baking wasn’t the big deal it is now thanks to shows like the Bake Off and more importantly all the amazing food producers that have brought food to the forefront of everyones attention.  When I mentioned that it would be toddlers baking classes the gasps were even louder as toddler activity groups were still a niche thing and not the mainstream activities that millions of people attend on a weekly basis now!  I won’t lie it was hard work but because it was a passion, each time I hit a low I would read a snippet from my memory book – a book that I wrote down wonderful comments, or experiences that I had shared with the children and their families at Go Bake and it just spurred me on my mission!

Most of my recipes are inspired by my nana.  She taught me to bake from an early age and those recipes are the ones I use the most at work and also at home with my little ones.  Baking those same recipes takes me back to sitting on that worktop anticipating the moment at the end that I would be passed the spoon and bowl to lick before proudly presenting my bakes to everyone fresh from the oven!

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