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Hey I'm Kelly! Welcome to Go Bake - let's have some fun with food! Can you tell me how old you are?

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Learn essential methods & techniques with Go Bake...

Go Bake Pink Spoon


(levelling the spoons with our pointy finger)

Go Bake Stirring Icon


(slowly in the bowl)

Go Bake Mixing Icon


(3 speeds slow, fast and superhero!)

Go Bake Dough Icon


(with our fingers)

Why not try out our ninja moves whilst kneading? Like the karate chop, punch slap, ninja (both hands doing a fast karate chop), superhero (pulling the dough with our hands like the Hulk!)

Go Bake Spreading Icon


(with a knife)



(from a bowl or jug)



 (using a knife)

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Pinching & Touching!

(with our thumb and our pointy finger and feeling the ingredients with our fingers!)

Are you ready to get baking?
Great! Come on, let's get ready...

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First, tie your hair back. Then...

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Pop your apron on and roll up your sleeves!

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Almost done. Now, wash those hands!

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Yay, you're ready to get cracking!

Cater for allergies & intollerances!
Free From baking but not free from flavour...

Dairy Free Icon

What exactly is Dairy-Free?

It means that something does not contain cow's milk. Cow's milk is also in foods like cheese, butter, yoghurt and ice cream.

Go Bake Gluten Free Icon

What exactly is Gluten-Free?

It means that something does not contain wheat, rye, barley and oats. Gluten is often found in food like bread, biscuits or cake.

Egg Free Icon

What exactly is Egg-Free?

It means that something does not contain hens' eggs. Eggs are found in cakes, omelletes and pancakes.

Do you or one of your family members or friends have an allergy or intollerance?


A food intolerance is when your body gets poorly after you eat a certain food. Common symptoms are a tummy ache or being sick - but some people might get a headache or feel dizzy. Common food intolerances are wheat or dairy.


A food allergy can be very serious. An allergy can make you very poorly - you could get breathless, sick or a rash on your skin. You might carry medicine (called an Epi-Pen) with you in case you accidentally eat a food you have an allergy to. Some common food allergies are nuts and shellfish.


Gluten is something in wheat, barley & rye. Some people who have an intolerance to gluten actually have something called Coeliac disease. It's very important for anyone with Coeliac disease to eat a Gluten-Free diet for the rest of their life. Find out more at Coeliac UK >

Challenge! Can you find the allergy info on your Go Bake baking mixture?

To keep your body healthy it's really important to avoid eating any food that makes you poorly. By law food packaging must have information on it that lets you know if it is safe for you to eat.

You can share your Go Bake makes with all your family & friends! Our baking kits can all be used with allergen-free replacements ingredients!