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Catering for an allergy or food intolerance?

Not a problem! Here are our top tips for making your bake fabulously Free-From!

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Dairy-Free (DF)

Swap butter for Vitalite or Pure dairy free spread. Swap cow's milk for soya milk - really any milk substitute works well, you can even use water instead of the milk.

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Egg-Free (EF)

½ teaspoon baking powder mixed into 1 tablespoon water. Add a teaspoon of this to our scone or drizzle cake recipe.

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Gluten-Free (GF)

Our gluten-free options are marked with a GF in the title - the mix packets also have a yellow back to them, so you're in no doubt that the mix is safe for you to eat!

Go Bake Baking Glove

Just some of our brilliant reviews from Parents & Carers...

“Most baking mixes are a bag & you just add an egg or water so if baking with kids the activity is over too quickly. This really shows children what different ingredients make up a final product. Also the end result is quality and what you’d want to eat. A lot of mixes aimed at children are more novelty rather than tasty whereas Go Bake kit made lovely scones”

Caroline Brewster

“No measuring, get straight on with the baking!”

Marie Brown

“What I liked most was how easy it was to bake! I did it all on my own!”

Freddy, age 11

“The drizzle cake mix has gone down a storm, thank you so much!”

Laura Jackson

“Biscuits done (heart eyes emoji) They were super tasty!”

Catherine Wardega